Exotic Meat Company

This is a project that we prepared with scientists, actual breeders and top industry managers in Turkey. We started this to solve problem of market absence of certain delicious meats. We focus to meats, which they are still very popular and extinct in this market zone.

If we can provide such meats, we realized we can sell with good price by building a brand around it, produce cheaply and yield good profits in the long term.

Our team is proficient and very experienced to handle operating this project. Also a university gives hand to our Research and Development.

Please read our Executive Summary for learning about this Project further.

The project is paybacking in 2 years and 7 months with 73,4% annual ROI and 367% ROI in 5 years maturity. You can find all data you may be looking for in Business Plan, in Executive Summary you can read the project with a quick look.

Only in Turkey, it has more than 1 Billion USD market potential, which the market is much larger as you can find in our Pitch Deck (currently only sent to investors by email)

We prepared project’s everything, production, operations, marketing, all details. Now we are ready for raising funding. You can find all details in Business Plan in extensive detail.

We target 44,2 Million USD gross income from this pie in the first sales year, with 20,1 Million USD Net Income. We have the facility and opportunity to be the First Mover and Monopoly in many markets. Let’s see the details Read More

Business Plan – Updated!

Please check Business Plan for most Up-to-Date data and it is updated regularly.

The Business Plan contains all details regarding the Business Model, Company Summary, Market Data, Market Analysis, Opportunities, Sales Forecasts, Sales Pipeline, Break-even, Financial Data, and many more.

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Customer & Sales Pipeline

If you want to see how large our Market Audience is, then you need to see our Pipeline. On Business Plan, you can see detailed explanations regarding this, here you can download the Excel File to check calculations and see by yourself.

Download to see where our customers are and how large sales volumes we can reach, make your own calculations:

Alternative Scales

We mention about 30 Million USD funding to create this project, however it is also possible to create this exotic company with some variations, bigger or at a smaller scale.

Hence the tables placed on this article helps to measure how each scale of investment has what level of effect on profit and whichever combination of investment looks more profitable.

Management Team

Our team is consisted of experts from branding, marketing, food industry and scientists who specialize in animal breeding and productivity.

We enjoyed developing this project which was very new and everybody were excited to be part of something very new, unusual and delicious.

Please meet with the team:

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A Quick Overview

Luxury Meat?

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