Executive Summary

There is an absence of industry to provide exotic types of food which are considered luxurious and prestigious.
There is no brand in the World that specializes itself as Exotic Meat Provider.

There are only a few international websites which people find them by internet search to purchase that specific need.

However in many locations, people favor purchasing meat offline, not online and 53% decide to buy when in stores, 11% insist they are not satisfied with the range available, according to data of Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board UK and GourmetAds.

Hence, we started this project by thinking “people are looking for more food varieties” also “rich customer wants to spend on better and luxurious meat alternatives if possible”.
As alternatives are extremely expensive and very scarce on the market right now, only Kings are able to consume such luxury, rich customers are not able to reach such luxury even they have ability to afford. Albeit there are few small breeders, the products are not visible in markets. If people are not aware of these products, people can not buy them.

For instance King of Bahrain Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa is buying Partridges from a small breeder farm in Turkey every year who is dedicated to breed for him. But these kind of small farms are very rare and all the industry in the world focused on chicken, beef, and mutton heavily while Elite, Business, and Rich segments are looking for varieties and something that can satisfy higher feelings.

We want to present this food in the markets as daily and kingly meat to buy. Because of the historical legacy and culture in Middle East, Turkey and Gulf Countries, meats of Exotic birds, Deers, Ostriches, Rabbits, Camels, Llamas are found very exotic and luxurious things which only Queens and Sultans were able to consume them in their meals. Also there is a sustainable wedding segment which best meat is aimed to be served to large numbers of guests.

We aim to supply the markets continuously with our prestigious meats. There is no seasonality in Turkish and Arabic markets like Venison is consumed in Europe during Christmas mainly.

We developed a know-how on how to mass produce such exotic animals cheaply with agricultural scientists and experts. To start this project, slaughterhouses, breeding plants and food factories dedicated for this exotic animal meat production are required (due to health and food manufacturing standards), thus all these three make the project expensive. For this reason, if we focus on experimenting small rates of production and sales, this won’t be profitable, so we need to produce in mass amounts, hence we need bigger breeding plants and strong marketing activity altogether. Then as we build a new industry, we will enjoy our First Mover Advantage always and skim our profits as industry leader in the world.

In this way, we target to generate $70,6 Million USD Gross Income and $32.9 Million USD Net Profit at the end of second year with gradually increasing yearly net profits. We ask 34,5 million USD of investment to achieve these goals.
On the assumption of calculating the above income, the sales prices of our meat units are assumed to be roughly %50 cheaper than the industry prices of those exotic animals. Please check Sales Forecast title for more information.

Albeit it is mentioned in Business Plan that 34,5 Million USD is required to create Exotic Meat Company at Full scale, it is also possible to create this project with a smaller scale too. Thus, please check Alternative Scales for more information. The Business Plan only contains information to establish the project at full scale.

If you are looking for smaller portfolio investments like $5 million USD which our project is $34,5 Million (Alternative Scales varies between: 8,5-22 Million), then you can reserve your spot as a shareholder (with an agreement) until our investment stage is completed. As we announce to commence our business, you can transfer the funding at that stage.

On the business plan, I tried to use expressions which a business veteran or industry unknowing can understand same concepts easily without heavy terminology. Hence you may find explanations of business concepts time to time. However I fear the business plan may resulted to be wordy for that reason. Herewith, please don’t hesitate skip parts which do not take your interest or don’t hesitate to ask me freely if you still can’t find the answer or explanation you are looking for.

In summary, our business proposal offers an uncharted vast market which nobody has put their attention on this market yet. Let’s discover why nobody put their attention on this industry before and how we can evaluate this opportunity as a sustainable profit facility on the business plan I shared.

Following are some basic information on our Business:

Management Team

We are consisted of brand, marketing, food experts, and agriculture scientists.

Founder Omer Erenturk: info
Yavuz Alpan is Food Expert as a Food Factory Manager.
Fatih Aşcı is a Brand/Creative Agency President,
Sherif Tajrovic is Foreign Trade Manager
Onur İleri is a Scientist with managing an R&D team
Serdar Öztürk is a Breeder and Health&Safety Manager

Customer Problem

We are solving the problem of absence of Exotic Meats in markets.

Products & Services

The products will be based on meats of Partridge, Pheasant, Quail, Venison and Rabbit.
In our sales forecast (Check our Business Plan) we used 2-4 times lower industry sales prices of Partridge, Pheasant, etc. and there is high demand for prestigious meat to substitute or to become alternative to traditional meats in meals and dinners of Business, Wedding, Rich segments in Turkey, Gulf Countries and Middle East.

Target Market

Geographic markets: Turkey, Gulf Countries, Middle East (in the first 3-5 years). Then, expansion to Europe, Asia and US.

Demographic Markets: High and Upper-High Income Levels (10,1 million people in Turkey alone)

Pscycholographic Markets: Customers who prefers buying/consuming a way to look richer, elite, high-social status level or just to enjoy these levels.

Business Model

Our key value to retain and improve our company value is our Branding, and there are very important elements to build and sustain it:
-Brand Image,

Our products both inside and outside the package must never fail quality, but always ensure premium level.
We need strong marketing activity to built brand image on minds of customers which we will always be entitled and thought as Providers of Kingly Food.


Our customers are mainly people from High and Upper-High Income Levels. But they have sub-segments:

These segments are:
Business: High Quality Restaurants, 4-5 Star Hotels, Airlines (Business Class meals), Special events, dinners.
Elite: Who are already rich, want to enjoy qualities of richness
Hospitality-lover: Turkish&Arabs culture asks them to lavishly spend on dinners to guests
Wedding: Usually 300-1000 people attend to their rich dinners.

To see our Sales Forecast containing all these Customer Base clearly on the table, please check our Customer Pipeline table.

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Brand Image is a strong attraction to acquire customers.

In new markets, or when presenting new products, a strong marketing activity is always necessary.

There are our market segments which narrow our market scope. According to each segment our approach can be unique. However to present a new brand and to establish brand visibility, advertisements by TV ads can create brand image on all levels of consumers and grab their attention altogether.


In our market, we have no competitor and cost of entry for new competitors is very expensive.
In the world, our only competitors are internet-based exotic meat providers. Their visibility is very little and only people who search to buy specific meat can find them in the internet. Otherwise, people do not recognize their presence nor the existence of their products.

The market is vast and open. Somebody needs to take the lead.

Competitive Advantage

Our biggest advantage is, becoming First Mover in many markets, until our business model adopted in some market which we are not present at that moment.

Breeders of these animals are very little in markets and their full capacity are only enough to fulfill half of our stud stock, thus we will build our own stock completely.

We have full know-how on how to produce cheap with high-yield with our scientists and experienced breeders.


  1. Dominate Exotic Meat Market all around the world with developing a strong brand that specializes on unique, exotic, prestigious and high quality meat.
  2. Receive $32,9 million USD net profit at the end of our second year, target $40,3 million USD at the end of third year.
  3. At the second half of year 2, we start to use our capacity at maximum. Year 3 sales will be the peak with using maximum potential of the first invested capacity. We take aim at growing our capacity for further profits in the current market and others on the following years.
  4. Sales exceed $70,6 million in the second year. Sales grow up to $79,9 Million in the third year.
  5. The project pay-backs in 2,3 years with 8% required return, 50,73% internal rate of return (IRR) and with a downsized sales forecast. By considering a worst environment (cheaper products, downsized sales forecast) the project paybacks in 3,22 years, 8% required return and 36,53% IRR. Return on Investment (ROI) at the end of 5th Year is 309,9%.
  6. Sales forecast is selling 1 kg meat per day to 14% of total number of supermarkets in Turkey. Or in better words:
    Selling 1000 tons of pheasant, partridge, rabbit, 120 tons of venison, 72 tons of quail to selected supermarket chains (14% of all supermarkets) in year 3, and a little bit less in year 2 due to growing production capacity in first stages.
  7. Expand into Gulf Countries and Europe in Year 3.
  8. Being “Exotic Delicacies Provider” rather than only producing. We will produce where we can’t buy and sell exotic good meat easily if there is no substantial producer to buy from, we will produce if it is feasible and profitable.
  9. Continuously looking to include new, exotic or wild animals always according to their profitability and tastes.

For more details and all Financial Data, please download our business plan.